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 John and Ray are here! We are friends since childhood and now we are a team of engineers and tools experts with over 15 years of experience in the engineering and construction industry. We are glad to share with you our free blog about measuring tools which could be useful for your own projects.


 Usually, we are faced with a big range of “how-to” questions, that is why we decided to create this website to clear things up. How to measure the distance between two objects? How to find the right angles? How to set up properly? How to avoid gas leaks? What is the difference between similar tools? How to build up a house for 100 bucks? (for the last one, there’s no way, sorry! )

The engineering community is extremely wide and curious, full of newbies as well as advanced experts. But we don’t stay still, we are moving on, designing and testing new means and methods. So, we are here to experience new measuring technologies firsthand and sharing the results. Two enthusiasts, both graduated from engineering departments and having a great experience of working in this field are willing to help you sum it up writing winners’ guidelines.

Meter & Tester is a customer supported website. All the researches we do as well as picking out related products, testing them, and reviewing are aimed to ease your life. So you don’t need to waste lots of time evaluating the market, we do our best to look for the must-have measuring tools instead of you. You are welcome to check out our reviews and buyers’ guides to choose the product you want.

We spend solid time on testing the goods first before we make up a review. We go through the modern market to find the right tools you might use in your projects. Everybody wants to know what he/she pays for and why that’s why we are here to introduce you to a list of great reviews based on real customers’ feedbacks.

We offer equipment using trusted platforms like Amazon.com to be sure of the product’s quality and warranty. So when you read a review and click the product’s link, you would be redirected to Amazon’s or other online store’s corresponding page with extra info, where you can buy the goods.

Our site contains affiliate links, so we may earn a commission when you buy something through the links. But there will be NO charge to you when you use these links. We think that’s a good deal to be rewarded for being useful in decision making. That’s how we know we are trusted, and it helps us improve our service in the right way.  

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality products reviews. We are here to ease your choice of the measuring tools you are looking for.

As there is a huge variety of measuring equipment and most of them seem rather similar, it is quite complicated to opt for the best measuring tool.

Or if you are a newcomer here at all in this field, a helping hand is extremely needed from people with a continuous experience.

That is why we are here to support you and we are always ready to answer your questions. Don’t waste your time for research work, we have already done it for you! Just enjoy reading the detailed equipment reviews and make your aware choice.

How do we pick out products?

We have been holding famous companies’ investigations under the radar for many years to be aware of the newest useful products.


We keep in touch with trusted traders, consult with colleagues and take part in various exhibitions and workshops.

All products are tested by ourselves, eventually selecting great choices for both common users and advanced professionals.

We try to predict the most popular questions to give explicit answers and clarify everything before you click a ‘buy’ button.


Want to get to know all about us better? No probs, here we are!

John McArthur
Raymond Hartman

John McArthur
Mr. Engineer

An old school enthusiast, a founder of this blog, a big fan of jazz, and just a good man! He has been dedicating his life to constructing and mending tools during all his waking life, being fully devoted to his job (sometimes even too hard, making his wife a bit jealous). Obtained a Master of Science Degree at the University of Southern California and working as an industrial engineer, John decided to spread his experience through the world, that is why he established this platform for everybody!

And now, when he has found and tested useful instruments, he goes home, pours strong coffee, switches on his laptop and starts creating interesting reviews for you.

Raymond Hartman
The ‘Handyman’

A co-founder of Meter & Tester, a reliable friend, and a talented writer! ‘If you do it, do it properly’ – that is Raymond’s favorite motto! None of the bolts will get loose, none of the light bulbs will be unscrewed, none of the gas leaks will go unnoticed, ‘cause Raymond has graduated from California Polytechnic State University and he always knows what to do and how to deal with the problem. So, even if you left him on an uninhabited island, he would survive and
build up his own megapolis!

Full of courage, Raymond is ready to try on new equipment and technologies, over and over, overwhelming all troubles, picking out the best ones, to share with you after all!

Meter & Tester