The Best Inspection Camera Review

After reviewing all the inspection cameras that we selected based on our criteria for review, we came to the conclusion that ZOTO ZT-NTS305 Digital Inspection Camera was the clear winner. 

The Winner

ZOTO ZT-NTS305 Digital Inspection Camera

ZOTO ZT-NTS305 Digital Inspection Camera

The Zoto inspection camera is a very special piece of technology and comes with great features that are not very commonly found in most inspection cameras. For instance, an upgraded version 4.3 inch full HD color LCD digital monitor guarantees optimum visual satisfaction. Similarly, in-built storage space for images and videos ensures that you can refer to saved files later in the future. Superior battery power for lasting use is also one of the perks of the Zoto digital camera.

  • 16GB in-built memory for files storage
  • Up to 2600mAh battery power for efficient and long-term use
  • An upgraded screen that guarantees crystal-clear display
  • Comes with an LED flashlight as well

Inspection cameras are devices that have a small camera attached to them on one end and are connected to a screen via a long, thin cable and allows the user to see images in real-time. Inspection cameras are your chance to see and access places that are impossible or nearly impossible to with the human eye. They are of very high essence to technicians such as plumbers who cannot get into certain spaces. Similarly, inspection cameras due to their flexibility, are great for a range of other purposes including basic home usage. 

Top 5 Digital Inspection Camera Comparison

Editor's Choice
ZOTO ZT-NTS305 Digital Inspection Camera
ZOTO ZT-NTS305 Digital Inspection Camera
  • Waterproof level of camera and lube up to IP67
  • 16GB in-built memory card for files storage
  • Up to 2600mAh battery power for efficient and long-term use
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Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope
Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope
  • Possesses high-quality LCD-color screen for clear display
  • Up to 2600mAh battery power to guarantee long use
  • Come with 6 LED lights which are adjustable
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Anykit NTS500 Dual Lens Borescope Inspection Camera
Anykit NTS500 Dual Lens Borescope Inspection Camera
  • The battery power of 3500mAh that guarantees 6 continuous hours of use
  • Comes with 5 inches 1280x720 HD screen for clear viewing
  • Possesses IP67 waterproof snake camera cable for working in water clogged locations
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DEWALT DCT412S1 Inspection Camera
DEWALT DCT412S1 Inspection Camera
  • Comes with a removable wireless screen that comes in handy in tight areas
  • 5.8mm cable diameter for ease of use in tight areas
  • Possesses memory card slot for insertion of memory for storage of images and videos
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Little But Mighty
DEPSTECH WiFi Endoscope for iPhone and Android Smartphone
DEPSTECH WiFi Endoscope for iPhone and Android Smartphone
  • 11.5 feet cable and waterproof camera for use in different locations and situations
  • 6 adjustable blue LED light on camera tip that guarantees clear images and videos even in the dark
  • State of the art camera of 1200pixels for HD videos and JPG images
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Best Snake Camera Detailed Review

This section goes into details of the inspection cameras we reviewed and consists of everything that you need to know about the products. These details include both the amazing features of these inspection cameras and some areas where they may be lacking. 

1. ZOTO ZT-NTS305 Digital Inspection Camera – Top Choice Borescope for Professionals

ZOTO ZT-NTS305 Digital Inspection Camera

The ZOTO inspection camera could be easily referred to as “the total package” due to the amazing features that this device can boast of. With a design and features that are aimed at ensuring that users maximize satisfaction, it is pretty different from a number of other inspection cameras on the market. As one of its unique features, it has an in-built memory of up to 16G that allows for the storage of videos and images among a number of others.

Key Features

  • 2600mAh battery for extended periods of use
  • 16G built-in memory that can be used for storage of videos and images 
  • Upgraded version 4.3 inch full HD color LCD digital monitor
  • Rotates up to 180° which implies efficiency of use.
What we like
  • Very clear camera enabling you to see objects and spaces clearly
  • Long-lasting battery power
  • A waterproof probe that enables you to use this inspection camera in water-related situations
  • Comes in safe and secure packaging

What we don't like
  • Videos recorded with this inspection camera cannot be rotated on a computer
  • Some users have claimed that when changing the battery, the inspection camera has to be connected to a computer for it to come on
  • Some users have claimed that the cable is longer than they require


The Zoto inspection camera is very well-loved by all the customers who have purchased so far. Apart from its great features, it is also very durable and not terribly expensive as may be expecting. The Zoto inspection camera is also very functional and easy to use. The user-friendly interface is highly remarkable. Therefore, if you are looking for something to use either at home or professionally, this could be a great choice.

2. Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope – Best Snake Camera for Narrow Spaces

Teslong Ultra Slim Borescope

Teslong ultra-slim borescope embodies its name due to the fact that it is actually very slim at 5.5mm only. Apart from its appearance, this borescope boasts of having a number of amazing features including a drop protection feature. Similarly, this borescope can be used right out of its box without requiring software download of any sort. With a camera that has 6 adjustable LED lights, you can be sure of ease of use in dark places. 

Key Features

  • Comes with TF card with a capacity of up to 32gig
  • 2600mAh battery that guarantees up to 6 hours of usage
  • Possesses 6 adjustable LED lights for  lighting up dark places
  • This camera is waterproof and drop resistant
What we like
  • Does not require smartphone software download before use
  • A waterproof and extended cable that gets to very far distances
  • Images and videos are of very high quality and clarity
  • The camera usually comes with a hard plastic case used for storage and some added accessories like a magnet, a mirror, etc.

What we don't like
  • Image contrast cannot be adjusted digitally
  • Some users have complained that this camera does not last for very long and has a very short shelf life
  • Some users claim that the glass on the lens is not very durable


This camera is a great one in terms of image and video quality as well as usage. However, it is not very sturdy which implies that you would need to be very careful with handling. Similarly, this company boasts of responsible customer care which is one other reason that getting this borescope might be just great. If you are looking for something handy to use with minimal stress, then this could be great for you.

3.  Anykit NTS500 Dual Lens Borescope Inspection Camera – Top Choice for Water Clogged Areas

Anykit NTS500 Dual Lens Borescope Inspection Camera

This Hi-Tech equipment is one of the best products that have been made by Anykit up to date. It is equipped with a microphone and a speaker to enable you to record videos that sound. It has a TF card slot that supports as large as a 32 gig memory card alongside a 3500mAh battery for extended usage. This state-of-the-art equipment also comes with a 5-inch LCD color screen equipped with IP67 waterproof dual-lens camera probe.

Key Features

  • Up to 3500mAh battery power for extended usage
  • Equipped with microphone and speaker for recording videos with sounds 
  • TF card slot supporting up to 32GB memory card capacity
  • Comes with 6 adjustable LED lights of very high brightness
What we like
  • Dual camera head design for viewing images from different angles
  • IP67 waterproof snake camera cable guarantees that you can use this borescope camera in water clogged areas
  • 5 inch 1280×720 screen for viewing objects and locations very distinctly
  • A high capacity battery that guarantees long-lasting usage 

What we don't like
  • Some buyers have complained about image quality is poor
  • Some users also claim that the camera didn’t work for very long
  • There are some issues working this borescope camera in tight corners


Overall, the Anykit borescope makes for a great piece of tech and has gotten a number of positive reviews. Its features are great and come in very handy in certain cases. Also, it is pretty easy to operate and has a design that takes both professionals and amateurs into consideration. As a result of this, it might very well be great for you to go ahead with this purchase.

4. DEWALT DCT412S1 Inspection Camera – Best Choice Borescope for Tight or Compact Areas

DEWALT DCT412S1 Inspection Camera

The DEWALT inspection camera is ideal for use in various fields or cases including automotive, maintenance, HVAC and plumbing. This points to the fact that it can be made use of by a wide range of people for different purposes. For extremely tight areas, this inspection camera comes with a 5.8mm diameter cable and has a wireless removable screen. For storage, there is an SD card slot that supports an SD card for the storage of images and video files.

Key Features

  • Wireless removable screen for ease of viewing in tight areas
  • 3.5-inch screen for viewing images and videos clearly
  • 5.8mm cable diameter for access to tight areas
  • The camera has a 3x zoom for seeing images clearer
What we like
  • Comes with a removable wireless screen for viewing in tight areas
  • Tiny cable diameter guarantees access in tight areas
  • Allows for zooming in up to 3x
  • Waterproof 3′ cable for use in water clogged areas

What we don't like
  • Some buyers have complained about the inspection camera being faulty upon arrival
  • Few users have complained about the LCD lights being pretty dim


If you are looking for something that would last you for a very long time, probably spanning years, then this might not be the one for you. Although it has some pretty great features, the quality of the DEWALT camera is not on the top-notch end. However, it is pretty affordable and functional in case that is what you are looking for. Generally, it still makes for a great piece of tech. 

5. DEPSTECH WiFi Endoscope for iPhone and Android Smartphone – Best Option for Basic Home Use

DEPSTECH WiFi Endoscope for iPhone and Android Smartphone

The DEPSTECH wifi endoscope has an edge over a very large number of other competitors in the market due to this singular wifi feature. The wifi feature allows you to connect your smartphone, or even up to 3 or 4 smartphones to see the live feed of the camera. This implies that instead of using the app, all you need to do is connect the camera to your smartphone’s wifi. The unique design makes it highly suitable for use by a range of people.

Key Features

  • Built-in 6 adjustable blue LED lights on camera tip that allows for visibility improvement especially in dark places
  • The DEPSTECH wifi endoscope is designed to work with both the Android operating system and iPhone OS as well.
  • 11.5 feet cable that ensures this endoscope can go very far while being used
  •  Possesses bendable rigid cable that can maintain a new shape and is suitable for use in confined areas
What we like
  • This endoscope works with both Android and iPhone OS implying that you do not need any other display screen
  • Comes with adjustable lights for seeing in the dark
  • It allows for clear video recording due to the various resolutions that it possesses
  • A waterproof 8.5mm camera that can be used in water clogged areas as well

What we don't like
  • It doesn’t work with all the smartphone models there are
  • Lacks other connection options like USB and Bluetooth
  • In case your smartphone is down, you might not be able to get a display


The DEPSTECH inspection camera remains one of the most modern and best of inspection cameras available on the market at the moment. It abandons the traditional way of having a screen attached, instead, it allows you to view images and videos right from your phone without any wired connection. This takes convenience to an entirely different level and allows for easy access and storage of recorded files. This is very suitable for use by anybody especially if you are after convenience.

Checking sewer manhole with borescope

How to Choose the Best Inspection Camera – Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the best product in a market that offers a lot of choices could be a very tedious task. Furthermore, all of these choices may seem pretty good which is where the problem of which is best comes in. Inspection cameras usually sport the same features in a lot of cases but there are certain features that some possess which cause them to stand out. Looking out for these features is what poses the real issue.

 Since borescope cameras are purchased for long-term use in most cases, selecting the best on the market is not an option. If you have been stressing over how to get the best borescope cameras on the market, this guide is intended to eliminate that stress. This guide takes into cognizance all the factors you need to know and consider before making that purchase. Let’s ride!

1. Budget

Irrespective of whatever purchase you want to make, the amount of money that you are willing to part with is the first factor to consider. This is simply because of the amount of money you are willing to spend determines the kind of snake camera that you get. Also, your budget helps you eliminate certain options which are either off the top or much lower than the benchmark that you set with your budget. This is simply a product elimination mechanism.

Your budget helps you narrow down the best inspection cameras within your proposed price limit, then you can now select the best in that range. However, you need to bear in mind that price does not always determine the quality of a product. Therefore, you would still need to scrutinize all your picks. Similarly, it is often advised that you go for a quality borescope camera that would give you complete value for your money.

2. Features

The features of snake cameras are usually clearly stated and this is one factor that you have to know before making any purchase. Features such as battery capacity, camera resolution, cable length and flexibility among others are features that are very essential. Depending on where and what you would be using your inspection camera for, these features eventually play a vital role. Going for a borescope camera with superior battery life guarantees that you can use it for extended periods of time.

The camera resolution of your borescope goes a long way in determining the type of images and videos that you would get. A high resolution indicates a higher picture and video quality which in turn implies that you would be getting very clear graphics. In tight or compact spaces, a long and flexible wire is essential to navigating the inspection camera around. The more advanced features of your borescope camera are, the more you would enjoy making use of it.

3. Quality

Inspection cameras are usually purchased with long-term use in mind. This is why you should never compromise on quality when making your purchase. Notwithstanding the design or features, a low-quality snake camera would not last as long as you would like. However, going for a high-quality borescope camera with great features should be what you should aim for. In order to determine the quality, one of the things to look out for is the materials used and the manufacturer as well. 

There are certain manufacturers who have a reputation to protect and therefore do not compromise on quality. These are the ones that you should purchase from. Similarly, reviews would let you know whether or not the lifespan of the snake camera you want to purchase is worth the price. Apart from the quality, your handling also determines just how long your inspection camera would last. This is one factor that you shouldn’t forget. 

4. Design

Cheap or low-cost cameras are usually made by piecing together a camera module, a camera with a number of LED lights. These are then put in a tube-shaped head after which they are covered up with a round lens cover made from plastic. This is where the problem of light reflection back into the camera arises. Due to the nature of this poor design, whitening of the image eventually occurs which makes the view completely useless. 

The design of a borescope camera goes a long way in determining the eventual quality of the images that would be gotten. Snake cameras that have their lenses made from plastic always experience the issue of whitening. For those made from glass, there is a high probability that there would be scratches very early. 

A crystal lens cover is a better solution, however, the best is an inspection camera that has the LED and camera separated.

5. Purpose of Purchase

The reason you want to purchase an inspection camera determines the type that you end up getting. This is because there are different cameras that are suited to different uses. The design and features of the borescope camera could make it perfect for use in some cases while it may be lacking in some others.

 For instance, plumbers who investigate dark and deep places would need to get an inspection camera with a long and flexible cord length alongside bright LEDs. For other specific uses, there are certain features that inspection cameras have to possess in order to work best for that purpose. Therefore, the best choice is to go for an inspection camera that is recommended for the purpose that you want it to serve.

 Furthermore, they should also be able to serve basic functions and not merely be suitable for only your professional field alone. This is because it could come in handy sometimes.

man checks turbine with borescope

Frequently Asked Questions About Borescopes

What Are The Features To Look Out for In Inspection Cameras?

Inspection cameras are all about the features since this very well determines whether or not you eventually enjoy using it. Therefore, features are very important to every camera and some of the features to look out for include the camera resolution, the battery capacity, the length and flexibility of the cord, waterproofness, etc.

Can I Use The Same Inspection Camera for Different Purposes?

Yes, it is actually possible to use the same inspection camera for different purposes but it depends on whether or not the camera has features suited to being used for other purposes. 

Are Inspection Cameras Very Expensive?

Borescope cameras usually come with different price tags all depending on certain factors such as special features and the manufacturer. However, you can be sure to find out what would fit into your budget.

Criteria We Used for Inspection Camera Review 

In order to select the best inspection cameras, we used a number of criteria and they include the following:  

1. Price

The price of any product is one of the first factors that most people consider before going ahead with any purchase. This is not any different during the process of buying inspection cameras which is why we were very conscious of the price during the selection process. We ensured that we included cameras that can fit into a variety of budgets including pretty tight ones.  Similarly, we were careful to ensure that you get value for the price that you would be paying.

For inspection cameras that are required for jobs, they may go for as much as a couple of hundred dollars and have a number of specialized features. However, for cameras that are required for like tasks around the house, these go for a lot less than professional borescope cameras. Since people have different budgets, it was essential for us to find inspection cameras that could be afforded by basically everyone.

2. Reviews

Reviews are simply feedback from individuals who have bought used the product in question. This points to just how important reviews are since they offer first-hand information about the product being reviewed. During the selection process, we took reviews very seriously and only featured products that had great and genuine reviews. Reviews help to determine whether the product description and features actually work like they are touted to.

Similarly, we made our findings as well and compared them with the reviews that customers had posted. For products that had a lot of bad reviews, we ensured that they were not included in the list of products that can vouch for. We also looked into the product details and compared them with the reviews to know what products included features that actually weren’t a part of the product or didn’t work at all. By doing this, we were able to narrow the genuine products down.

man controls a video endoscope

3. Quality

The quality of a product basically determines the lifespan of such a product. In the case of inspection cameras that may be required very often, purchasing quality is not a negotiable issue. Since tools usually deteriorate over time, purchasing a quality one is the only way to guarantee that yours would actually last long alongside your manner of handling of course. Also, a quality tool guarantees you that it would actually work for the purpose that you got it for.

Although this factor does not come first, this is one of the factors we considered the most important. We considered the materials with which some very sensitive parts of the borescope camera were made with including the lens and the wire covering. Therefore, we can guarantee you that you would definitely find durable and high-quality snake cameras in the list that we compiled. 

4. Features

The features that your inspection camera possesses is what determines how many functions it can perform and how well it can perform. Therefore, the features of the borescope cameras that we selected were very considered very important before they could be included in our list. We aimed for inspection cameras that had a number of advanced and enhanced features such as improved battery life, the number of LEDs or the screen dimensions and orientation. 

We also aimed to include those that had some special features not present in a lot of other inspection cameras. Although these features could make them pricier than other borescope cameras, in the long run, it would be worth it. There’s really no sense in purchasing a camera with only the most basic features keeping in mind that you could need advanced features in the future. 

If you do this, you might have to go ahead and purchase another camera simply because it has a number of features what you need that your present camera is lacking. This is why we ensured that the borescope cameras that we selected had all the up-to-date features there could be. 

5. Ease of Use

Using a new tool can be pretty complicated, especially if you have no previous experience using it. This way we ensured that all the cameras that we selected are very easy to use and the mechanism of operation can be understood very easily. Although some features could be pretty complicated to understand, we looked to ensure that the cameras that we selected which have these features are easy to operate. 

Nobody wants to have to go through the stress of reading a user manual and we totally understand this fact. This is why we took this factor very importantly and included it in our criteria for selection. 


The importance of selecting the best inspection camera, like any other professional measuring tool, cannot at all be overemphasized. However, will the sheer number of borescope cameras on the market, selecting the best could be a lot of work. We have saved you the work by compiling the five best inspection cameras and all you have to do is make a choice.

 Similarly, in case you want to go ahead and make your own purchase, the buyer’s guide is there to help you select the best. To further help you make the best choice, we included the criteria with which we reviewed our best inspection cameras. The commonly asked questions relating to inspection cameras were included to further help clarify any issues you might have.

Given all these, you can rest assured that you would definitely end up getting the best on the market.

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