What Is the Diamond On a Measuring Tape For?

You might be wondering what the diamond on a measuring tape is used for. It’s not just there as decoration. It actually has a purpose and can help you measure things in inches or centimeters. This article will help you learn how to read an inch and centimeter measuring tape.

What Is the Black Diamond on a Measuring Tape for?

Black diamonds come in handy when making joist or stud marks. It’s a go-to tool when measuring new buildings. There are usually six studs in the walls. They are typically located 16 inches apart from each other. A measuring tape has black diamonds every 16 inches. This can help you measure and mark the studs.

You can see numbers in red boxes instead of black diamonds. Some measuring tapes include black diamonds at 19.2-inch intervals as joist marks.

tradesman using a retractable tape measure

How to Use a Measuring Tape?

To use a tape measure, pull the tape out of the housing. Apply a metal hook at the beginning to the edge of the object you want to measure. Make sure the metal hook is tight and close to the measuring tape’s end. Stretch the blade out along the object. Check where the blade meets the opposite end of the object. The nearest mark on the blade is your result. Once you’re done, unhook the metal end and get the blade back in the housing. You better unhook the blade slowly to avoid pinching your hand.

If you need a measuring tool for measuring long objects, we recommend using a steel ruler over a measuring tape. Note that it won’t be as flexible and portable as your usual measuring tapes or rulers.

A measurement can range from six inches up to 100 feet. It depends on what type of measurements are required by an individual project or task. You’ll find other types of measuring tools such as laser levels if you want something more accurate than just your standard measuring tape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is a Measuring Tape?

A common tape measure is usually between 15 and 50 feet long. It’s good for measuring small objects like boxes and drawers. Longer tapes come with a 100-feet length and more. They are ideal for measuring curtains and bulky furniture. Such measuring tools typically come with metal blades.

How to Read a Measuring Tape in Inches and Centimeters?

If you’re measuring something with an inch measuring tape, make sure that one diamond is lined up next to the “0” mark. While the other one lines up with whatever number your object measures at.

For example, if you want to measure how tall someone is, line the first diamond up against their toes. Then read off the number where the second diamond lines up with their body height. If they are five feet six inches tall for example, both diamonds would rest neatly next to “60”. Because this person’s height was six inches away from the measuring tape’s “0” starting point. One foot equals 12 inches.

If you’re using a measuring tape that measures in centimeters, then lining up one diamond next to “0”. This will measure how long their feet are. While the other one goes all the way across their body. Until it reaches another number on its own side of the measuring tape. For example, if someone is 170 cm tall, line both diamonds up against “70”. So they form an L shape with each measuring seventy centimeters. Or around twenty-seven inches total length for this person’s height.

You can also convert the result from one measuring unit to another. Mind that one inch equals 2.54 centimeters. Alternatively, use a calculator to do the maths fast.

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Tape Measure vs Measuring Tape – What’s the Difference?

Generally, a tape measure and a measuring tape refer to the same object. However, you just call them differently depending on where they’re used. Some people refer to the measuring tape as soft flexible tape. It’s commonly used to take body measurements. And the tape measure goes for a tool with a housing and a metal blade. If compare measuring tape vs tape measure, the last one is typically longer.

A measuring tape is also called a measuring wheel. The term is acceptable when it’s used to measure the length of an object in cars. As well as similar vehicles for repairs or such purposes.

The Wrapping Word

All you need to know about the black diamond on a measuring tape is that it’s for centering your measurements. It can be found at the bottom of your measure tape. This mark functions as an anchor for measurements made with other tools in order to keep them accurate. Understanding this will help you use your measuring tapes more efficiently.

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