How Much Does It Cost to Drill a Well?

The cost of drilling a well varies based on the depth of the well and who drills it. If you only need a shallow water source for irrigation purposes, then you might spend about $5,000-$10,000. But if you’re looking for an endless supply of water deep within the earth’s crust, then you can expect to pay up to $50 million. Here, you’ll find out how to drill a well and if you could dig a well deeper.

How Much Does Drilling a Well Cost?

The average cost to drill a well is $5,000. The price depends on the type of well and its depth. If your goal is to reach the groundwater, you’ll need to dig a well of 50 to 200 feet deep. The average well is 100 to 300 feet deep. It costs $165 per foot for a contractor to drill the well deeper than 200 feet within rock or clay formations, and it costs $100 per foot in sandstone which has higher water yield rates.

The price depends on the type of well. A private well new system installation costs $30 per foot. While an agricultural well installation costs up to $100.

You have no need to worry about drilling costs if you purchase your water from the public irrigation system. Or another source other than a private supply company. It’s already paid by taxes on your monthly bills.

There are many families who drill their own wells due to the low quality of tap water coming from the municipal. Or bad-smelling odor that comes out of faucets after the treatment process at the plant. This can be harmful to human health. Especially among children with respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis symptoms. They select a drilling contractor based on their experience and professional skills.

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How Much Does It Cost to Drill a Well Per Foot?

It costs around $30 to drill a well per foot. The price per foot may vary depending on the type of formation you are drilling through. You may expect overcharge in case of difficult terrain. This includes dry and poor-quality soil, rocky and sloped surfaces. In such a case, the cost may raise up to $50 per foot.

The Average Cost of Drilling a Well By State

The residential and irrigation permits are various in different states. The range goes from $14,000 to $25,000. The average cost of a well is $22,000 per foot in Louisiana. The price may go up to around $32,500 for the same amount in New Mexico and Texas. Most part of the bill goes to the storage tank and soil absorption system. Plus, consider operating and maintenance costs. The annual maintenance is worth around $150.

Here are some more well drilling costs by state (per foot):

  • California: $30
  • Colorado: $30
  • Florida: $20
  • Montana: $30
  • Oklahoma: $25
  • Texas: $40
  • Washington: $40

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Deep Should a Well Be for Drinking Water?

The depth of the well should be at least 100 feet deep. It’s an average depth that is enough to reach fresh water supplies. They are the safest for drinking purposes. The deeper you go (>150 ft), the higher chance of finding minerals in your well. Perhaps you may need to consider a water softening unit. For instance, a geothermal rig to extract geothermal energy should be at least 150 feet deep. It’s used to draw geothermal fluids to install heating in your home. The cost of such a system installation ranges from $3,000 to $10,000.

How to Drill a Well?

You could drill your own well to save money. It can be done if you have the right equipment and knowledge of drilling deep wells. For one thing, expect this project to take at least three days with minimal experience. Because of how high-maintenance it can be to get through different terrains such as hard dirt surfaces or underground caves. They will force you into detours towards softer ground areas where digging gets easier.

There are four things you’ll need before beginning:

  1. a handheld depth measuring tool (it’s a water level meter that works like a borescope);
  2. a well point;
  3. heavy drilling fluid (saltwater or other minerals);
  4. and a drill rig.

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You may consider renting a well drilling rig kit that costs $600-$800 per day.

Once you have the equipment in hand, start with measuring your land’s depth. This will give you an idea of how deep to make your well so that it reaches fresh groundwater sources. Instead of getting too close to underground caves filled with saltwater or other harmful chemicals.

As soon as you’ve drilled down as far as possible, install the driving tool. You’ll need to go down until reaching bedrock underneath where your freshwater is located. After this step has been completed, attach the pump unit. It should be able to reach at least 25-30 feet into the ground level. Then prepare yourself for several days’ worth of pumping. Because sometimes there are obstacles in the way of your pump reaching the water.

Take all measures necessary to protect yourself and anyone else who is around at this time. Because you will need access to clean, safe drinking water for everyone involved with these activities. You must be able to do something that can’t harm others. If there are any problems caused by drilling a well without professional assistance present at this time too.

Make sure everything has been taken care of properly before beginning your work on digging out a well. As once it’s completed and put into use, then no one should have any reason not to be able to safely drink from it throughout every day after its completion.

How Much Does It Cost to Dig a Well Deeper?

It costs around $30 to drill each foot deeper than 50 feet. This amount does not include any overcharge. It’s due to complicated terrain or deepening beyond 300-500 ft below ground level. In such cases, you should expect an extra fee between 25% – 100%. The additional charge for drilling a well deeper than 500 feet is around $20.

If you hire an experienced contractor, then the average cost of digging out a well ranges from $4000 to over $7500 per every 60-foot deep hole. It depends on how far down it’s going and what kind of terrain has been chosen for locating such holes. In rare cases, wells up to 1000 ft in depth have been drilled successfully too. Advanced equipment and technologies are used suitable for these purposes only.

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Well Drilling Cost Explained

The cost of drilling a well will vary depending on the location, depth, and size. The average cost for a drilling process is around $5,000. While dug wells cost around $2,500. The price could go higher in some regions. You can dig a well on your own or contact a professional contractor to improve your well and pump system. Some companies can prolong the depth of an existing well. Check this article to get the average price of drilling a well.

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